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2001.8.21 Update

Kirby actually has an anime planned! Here is the air times!:

  • Station CBC/TBS - Nationwide Channel 26 Net
  • 10/26/01 (Saturday) - 7:30 am

In truth, while making SSBM, I was also supervising the developement of the Kirby Anime. In actuality, the initial concepts for the Kirby Anime were first made in the year 2000, so this has been a project in the works for a fairly long time. Just think of all those people working hard right now, while I, instead, sit back and tell you about it.

"Kirby's Dreamland" was a creation of mine that was made right after I started working at HAL Laboratories, and had to serve as Director. I was 19 years old then.

At the time, Famicon games were too hard, and lost most of their edge. I designed a system where anyone could play the game with enjoyment.
Kirby, with only his mouth, eyes, hands and legs, was basically the embodyment of a little dot on our plans.

The next games I made was Kirby's Dreamland: The Tale of the Spring of Dreams for the Famicon. Here we introduced the Copy Ability, a sort of habitat isolation for beginners and experts. Beginners will just Swallow, and use Kirby's flight to make it through, while experts will use the Copy Ability in a more maniacle fashion to advance.

Kirby has had a 'For Kids' image, until games like Kirby Super Deluxe and Super Smash Brothers came out, where we weren't aiming towards the younger age group.

Beginners slide by, while Experts have easy fun. That hasn't changed even to this day. To keep this balance, some parts of the gameplay have to be sacrificed. An example of this is Kirby's flight. In the Smash Brothers series he is better without total flight, yet we can't completely ignore this ability for people who've never played a Kirby game.

I guess that part of me matches the whole 'Nintendo-ism' idea.

And to top it all off, next year is Kirby's 10th Birthday. How the years fly....

Whoops! I've been talking to long! I've got to clean up and hurry back to work!

[These Screenshots were taken during developement]

Kirby's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move


Horizontal Special Move


Up Special Move

_Final Cutter

Down Special Move