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2002.1.29 Update

Those who recognize him should be very familiar with the LCI Game Series Game & Watch and its star. Do you think this was a foul choice?

Game & Watch has been on sale since 1980 but it would not be released abroad until 1993. Worldwide, it sold over 40 million copies. Mario might even have trouble competing with a Character this major!

In a Game & Watch there is no cartridge. Each Game & Watch unit had only one game on it, with a pitch black person moving on the liquid crystal screen.

So, in SSBM, we had "Mr. Game & Watch" make a reappearance. We made it that his normal and even his Special Moves are reminiscent from the different games he has been in!
(Can you identify them all?)

Mr. Game & Watch is properly flat like on the liquid crystal screen, and his Motion is rigid and authentic like the original as well.
In truth, we had actually designed Mr. Game & Watch to blip in and out as he moved across the Stage like on the original liquid crystal screen, but that made it too difficult to play, and was changed to how you see it now....

Now, it is rather hard to get your hands on an orignal Game & Watch. But you can always enjoy it on the GameBoy Gallery series and a port to the Card e is being made.

Unlocking Method:
Clear Regular Campaign Simple or Regular Campaign Adventure or Break the Target! with all Characters except Mr. Game & Watch himself. Alternatively, play over 1,000 Rounds in Versus.

The Break the Target! method is by far the fastest, but if you are confident in yourself then by all, means go for it!

Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves

Neutral Special Move


Horizontal Special Move


Up Special Move


Down Special Move

_Oil Panic